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That’s today!

Yes yes, the day has finally come. Jump for joy, shout it from the rooftops, hastily stuff your hand into your trouser pocket, whip out your wallet, find your debit card, run to your computer, load up itunes… huff and puff and slam your fist on the desk while you wait for it to load, that nasty egg timer/spinning wheel relentlessly mocking your short temper… type in Binko Swink and… PURCHASE! Paitient, and the b-side youngest.

… or just listen to it on Spotify. 

That’s also fine by me, we just want you to enjoy it! 

It is also on every other mp3 store there is, pretty much. Even you blackberry users can go straight to your mp3 store and have it download directly to your phone. How lovely!

What now? 

Well i guess we’ll all just have to have a great time this thursday at the Battersea Barge. Doors are at 8 - Bear Driver will play at 9, then we will play.

You’ll be able to buy some great stuff - A hard copy of the single, lovingly hand made in factory Binko (factory binko complies fully with the human rights act of 1833) 

So long for now, i’m going to go and eat brie to celebrate.

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