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HELLO hi hey there. Our single comes out a week today - Patient with Youngest as a b-side - it will be available on iTunes and Spotify and about 100 other mp3 sites. Thats Monday the 12th, and our launch night is on the following Thursday the 15th at the Battersea Barge, a fantastic boat venue near Vauxhall tube. Bear driver will also be playing, they are very good. So we hope to see you all there! Also make sure you grab the single once it’s out - and if you haven’t done so yet then grab a copy of our free download.

We played at the Gladstone last night, first in a run of 3 shows there, first sunday of each month. I LOVE THAT PLACE. Nicest audience ever. Friendliest staff ever. Cutest pub ever. Best smelling pies ever. 

Happy Birthday to John Herbert from GHA - they’re in Switzerland recording their 2nd album - looking forward to that! 

This week I will mostly be listening to:

Bon Iver - Bon Iver
Race Horses - Goodbye Falkenberg
Robert Sunday - Butterfly Hairslide
The Be Good Tanyas - Chinatown
Pixies - Surfa Rosa

OH i’m going to try and write a song now. We’ll see what meaningless drivel/stroke of luck I come up with.

Bye for now, you take care.


Ramble #6


Firstly I would like to inform you that I have found an Alarm clock which makes you a coffee upon waking you up in the morning. PERFECT. I will be purchasing one and I shall let you know how it works out for me. 


There’s alot to look forward to - I’m off to cafe 1001 tonight to watch These Single Spies do a mammoth set. That will be nice and it’s free. 

To those of you going to End of the Road this weekend - Good for you. Our very own Lyla is going, I however am tied to my guitar for work related reasons. It looks amazing and although I am (slightly) bitter that I can’t go, I wish you the best time there if you are going. 

Going to watch Rumer Cubes next tuesday, also at Cafe 1001 - great band, check them out! Today myself and Ly went to see Adam Stark (cubes) at his studio, where him and a bunch of fellow geniuses have developed some mind blowing new music software, involving very clever beat tracking techniques to enable you to do a whole host of new things, live and in the studio. Take a look here

ALSO found out St Vincent is playing in London on the 10th november, at the Southbank Centre - all over that.  

So many amazing gigs to see! 

INCLUDING…. us! We’re playing this sunday at the Gladstone on Borough, full band show. Come say hi. 

We have an online store now where you can Buy Stuff

I hope you all have September 15th in you diaries. Single Launch night at the battersea barge. Click Attending on Facebook


It’s technically Monday. (ramble #5)


Got that classic Sunday night insomnia. Went to Devon for a week last week, that was nice. Some call it a holiday, I call it more of a Foyliday. She understands. So anyway that explains my absence from my ritualistic spouting of drivel which I usually impose on you every week - I know I left all of my loyal readers (of which I’m convinced there are hundreds, maybe even thousands) bitterly disappointed. For this I’m very sorry. No wi-fi where I was and I don’t have a Smart-Phone. In fact, I’m currently rocking a 5 year old Nokia, AND THAT’S NOT EVEN MINE!

Frank Skinner is great. *What?!* 

Me and Foy are gonna mission around London tomorrow putting up posters for … 


Fellow Adventure Club friends Bear Driver are now confirmed as supporting, which is amazing because they are amazing.

In other news, we’re doing a residency at the Gladstone, a pub at Borough tube which you must see; it’s a real gem of a place. First Sundays of September, October and November. We’re also supporting Chris Pureka on the 26th October at the Lexington and Goldheart Assembly on 9th november at the Spice of Life. 

We’re also writing new tunes again this week. So until next week, have a great week, and i’ll write to you again next week, in about a weeks time. 

Warmest heartfelt regards

Binko Bell

Dictated but not read


(Aug 12th - Murmur Box Brixton) 

Sept 4th - The Gladstone (Residency)

Sept 15th - Battersea Barge
*SINGLE RELEASE SHOW* - with special guests BEAR DRIVER 

Oct 2nd - The Gladstone (Residency)

Oct 26th - The Lexington
Supporting Chris Pureka

Nov 6th - The Gladstone (Residency)

Nov 9th - Spice of Life
Supporting Goldheart Assembly 

Binko Bell’s Monday Ramble #2


By giving my first installment the title of Binko Bell’s Monday Ramble #1, I have forced upon myself a regular monday ramble. I like to stick to my word (I like to stick to saying that i like to stick to my word), so, in true numeric order, here is #2. 

Lovely Gigs

On friday night we played at the Windmill in Brixton - that was lovely. Andy played drums, and it was massive. Andy is massive. Fact. Not in regards to his waistline, or his height, or general build. In fact he is Physically very well proportioned, and of the average male height. I say ‘massive’ as in his playing. Very good he is. The sound was great and the crowd were appreciative, and Ben the drooling roof-dog (google it) was very well behaved. 

Last night at the Gladstone, Borough, was a beauty. If you haven’t been to the gladstone, then why not? Get on it! It’s a gem of a pub, tucked away down a small street behind Borough Tube, called Sanctuary Street. We played as a duo last night, however the very friendly staff have asked us back, so next time we shall be playing with the above mentioned Massive Andy.

Inky Fingers

Our very own Lyla is a very creative lady. We’re currently at the stage of making our limited edition physical copies of our single ‘Patient’, (on the very lovely Adventure Club Records) and Ly has been doing a beautiful job on the actual on-cd Designs, utilising ink and tissue paper. Trust me they look amazing. Curious? Come to the launch party on september 15th and buy one: 

Everything is ticking along nicely in the single release land - the official release date is the 12th of september, so until then why not enjoy a free download; A live version of Take The Pop.

That will be all, thank you for reading.

Oh and come to the Murmur Box at the Windmill on the 12th of August. 


painting our single discs today in the sun. and tonight we’re playing at the gladstone (borough)’s free… 8.30pm, it’s a lovely place to spend a sunday evening!

Binko Bell’s Monday Ramble #1 

About the fish

A friend recently told me that due to our obsession with fish, and the abstract nature of our name, they had presumed that Binko Swink is a type of fish. This is not the case. Our name is meaningless and we just like fish. They are aesthetically pleasing, and also quite ridiculous.

Dragon vs Fish?


You might think the dragon would win, but actually the fish would probably use his wit and wisdom to talk the dragon into a quiet game of chess, in which case the fish would win as the dragon would set fire to the board and all of it’s pieces. I REST MY CASE.

Exciting stuff! 

At present we are spending most of every day working towards our single release - Patient, accompanied by ‘Youngest’ as a b-side - there will also be a mysterious free download floating around, wait and see what that is, but trust me it’s much fun. 

The process is huge, from photoshoots to videoshoots to mixing and mastering and artwork and pestering and badgering and monkey-ing(ing?) and all the stuff in between that you needn’t know about. 

the launch will be on the 15th of September on the Battersea Barge

This Weekend

It’s a happy weekend for those of you south of the river - or for any of you north of the river who aren’t afraid of water. 



So maybe see you then? DBB X