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Ramble #6


Firstly I would like to inform you that I have found an Alarm clock which makes you a coffee upon waking you up in the morning. PERFECT. I will be purchasing one and I shall let you know how it works out for me. 


There’s alot to look forward to - I’m off to cafe 1001 tonight to watch These Single Spies do a mammoth set. That will be nice and it’s free. 

To those of you going to End of the Road this weekend - Good for you. Our very own Lyla is going, I however am tied to my guitar for work related reasons. It looks amazing and although I am (slightly) bitter that I can’t go, I wish you the best time there if you are going. 

Going to watch Rumer Cubes next tuesday, also at Cafe 1001 - great band, check them out! Today myself and Ly went to see Adam Stark (cubes) at his studio, where him and a bunch of fellow geniuses have developed some mind blowing new music software, involving very clever beat tracking techniques to enable you to do a whole host of new things, live and in the studio. Take a look here

ALSO found out St Vincent is playing in London on the 10th november, at the Southbank Centre - all over that.  

So many amazing gigs to see! 

INCLUDING…. us! We’re playing this sunday at the Gladstone on Borough, full band show. Come say hi. 

We have an online store now where you can Buy Stuff

I hope you all have September 15th in you diaries. Single Launch night at the battersea barge. Click Attending on Facebook


That there ticket link for The Murmur Box..→